Are there any reliable tools or software available for adding invisible watermarks to PDFs?

July 11, 2023, 8:16 a.m.
One of the continually evolving aspects of digital publishing and documentation is the need to protect authors' intellectual rights. In the modern age, most materials are shared digitally in formats like PDF, which stands for Portable Document Format. Authors or creators of these materials often find it necessary to safeguard their documents from unauthorized copying or republishing. This is where watermarking comes in especially – invisible watermarking.
Are there any reliable tools or software available for adding invisible watermarks to PDFs?
Watermarks have been in use since time immemorial as a way to ascertain a piece of work's authenticity. Traditionally, it comprised a symbol or logo printed faintly in the background of a page, representing the material's origin or creator. However, with the advent of computer technology and the increasing popularity of digital media, watermarking has evolved into a more advanced form. One such advancement is the use of invisible watermarks.
Invisible watermarks used in digital content don't obstruct the viewer's ability to read or view the content, unlike traditional watermarks. Essentially, this feature uses specific patterns or information embedded into the document, which are undetectable without specialized software for detecting and deciphering the watermark. This method is particularly handy where aesthetics and readability are concerned as it doesn't disrupt the document’s appearance while ensuring that proprietary rights on the material are protected.

What tools or software can incorporate invisible watermarks into PDFs then?

Various software and online tools can integrate an invisible watermark into PDF documents.

1. Adobe Acrobat Pro

As the gold standard in PDF readers and editors, Adobe Acrobat Pro indisputably stands out. Despite its high cost, Acrobat Pro offers a vast array of features, including adding invisible watermarks to PDF files. It allows you to create a watermark, which can be customized entirely to your liking, then apply it to your document without being visibly noticeable. The watermark can only be detected and deciphered by the same Adobe application, ensuring your document protection and copyright enforcement.

2. PDFelement

This software is exemplary in handling PDF files, including adding watermarks. PDFelement is user-friendly and provides tools for editing, annotating, signing, and converting PDFs. Its watermarking feature stands out for its ability to add invisible watermarks, making it a reliable option for individuals and businesses seeking to protect their digital documents.

3. VeryPDF

This software prides itself on several PDF solutions, including adding invisible watermarks. There’s an option to add visible watermarks to PDFs but if you’re aiming for non-intrusive security for your document, its invisible watermarking feature will come in handy.

4. Digimarc

While not as well-known as Adobe or PDFelement, Digimarc offers a unique approach to watermarking. Their software uses a barcode system to create invisible watermarks called 'Digimarc Barcodes.' These special barcodes can be embedded into PDF documents, allowing them to be tracked and guaranteeing the author's rights.

5. Locklizard

Locklizard is a dedicated PDF security application that provides comprehensive options for securing your PDF documents, including an invisible watermarking feature. Moreover, this app gives you the freedom to customize your watermarks while providing firm security for your content.

6. StarForce

StarForce’s invisible watermarking in PDF files helps you track and determine unauthorized use of your valuable content with the help of a unique invisible identifier.
Each software can add an invisible watermark to a PDF differently, but they all aim to provide an added layer of protection for your digital files. This feature is an important advancement in the world of digital publishing. However, while invisible watermarks add a substantial defense layer against unauthorized usage, it is also necessary to remember that no one tool provides complete protection against all possible intellectual property rights violations.
Understanding this, along with the proper application of these tools and practices, can help content creators safeguard their rights while still sharing their works in the digital space – a balancing act that is, in today's age, of utmost importance. The tradeoff between accessibility of content and security need not be significant. With increasingly sophisticated tools such as these watermarking solutions, it is indeed possible to have the best of both worlds.

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